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Meet Our CEO


Debra is a second generation owner of UPA. She initially worked at UPA as a teenager, filing papers, and leasing apartments. She joined the company in 2009 as a Regional Property Manager, was promoted to Operations Manager, then to Vice President, President and most recently President and CEO. She came into the business at a time when UPA was at a turning point. There was a need for new employee programs and technology to manage the growth. Debras career, prior to UPA, was in various leadership roles at financial services corporations. She gained valuable experience and knowledge on how to create a strong culture and further developed her management skills.

She takes pride in the properties and the changes that have been made to benefit residents, especially the large number who have lived at the properties for over 20 years. She believes in enhancing the experience the association board members have with UPA. Many of them have been with UPA for decades. She works with the managers to build the trust of the board members, enhance processes and assist in creating value.

UPA has an incredible number of long-term vendors that have relied on UPA for many years to provide consistent business. Debra works hard to enhance these relationships, ensuring that owners are protected at the same time.

Her most recent focus has been to establish relationships with the owners of rental properties. She knows she has a tremendous responsibility to maintain the trust they built with Bernie Grablowsky, UPAs founder and Chairman of the Board, for so many years, as well as to create value in their investments.

She is driven by the desire to create opportunities for people. Debra believes that everyone should have a nice place to live and a job that provides stability and opportunity. Nothing makes her happier than developing a new role for someone and watching them succeed. She is also motivated to continue to infuse the company with new programs, strengthening the companys culture, and enhancing relationships with the employees. Debra is especially inspired by the employees who have made a long-term commitment to the company because they know they have joined one with strong values and proven stability.