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Rental Management

Rental Management Services

Multi-family Rentals

Management Services

To discuss individual management requirements for your rental property or to request a proposal, please contact Debra Young at or 757-518-3254.

  • Property owners can tailor UPA multi-family rental management service packages to meet their unique needs.
  • UPAs multi-family management services include a competitive fee structure and lower operating costs.
  • UPA fosters proven operating procedures and improved occupancy rates. 


  • Proper budgeting and tight cost controls.
  • Effective collection practices to keep delinquencies low.
  • Competitive bidding for supplies and specialized services.
  • Enhanced cash flow.
  • Advice and projections on reserves and future expenditures.
  • Timely reporting.


  • Detailed property inspections to forecast current and future needs.
  • Cost effective general maintenance by on-site staff.
  • Specialized maintenance by fully licensed and insured UPA vendor list suppliers.
  • Fast response to unexpected or untimely problems.
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance.


  • Records maintenance for audit/tax reports and regulatory filings.


  • Timely reporting.
  • Quick responses to questions and issues.
  • Consultation and problem solving.

Single Family Rentals

Management Services

A separate division staffed by specialized UPA agents offers a very high level of service to manage single family properties. Services are available for detached homes, townhouses, condominiums and duplexes within the Tidewater area.

To discuss individual management requirements for your single-family property or to request a proposal, please contact Kelli Allen at or 757-963-9279.